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Pueblo, CO PICKUP - 1 Gallon Honey Jug

Pueblo, CO PICKUP - 1 Gallon Honey Jug

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We are partnering with 80 Twenty Wines to offer a convenient way for our customers to pick up bulk honey in Pueblo, CO! 

Please read all of the following information carefully!



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Pickup Information

Pickup & Order Process

The process is simple:

  1. Purchase the jug here, online.
  2. Once you place your order, your item is IMMEDIATELY available for pickup at 80 Twenty Wines.  We only list for sale online the quantity currently available for pickup at 80 Twenty Wines.
  3. Head to 80 Twenty Wines *during their store hours* for pickup.
  4. You will be required to present your order confirmation and Photo ID upon pickup.  If someone other than the purchaser will be picking up the honey, please let us know.

Address for pickup: 415 N. Greenwood St., Suite C, Pueblo, CO 81003

Pickup Location

415 N. Greenwood St., Suite C, Pueblo, CO 81003

Please refer to their website for store hours.

Pickup Details

Information about pickup: You must pick up the honey within 14 days of your order.  If the honey is not picked up within that timeframe, we will consider the honey forfeited and add it back into our inventory system to be available for purchase by another customer.

About Our Honey

For serious honey lovers, mead makers, brewers, bakers, and more!  Our pure Colorado honey is raw and unfiltered - straight from the hive!  The primary floral source of the honey is alfalfa, which gives it a smooth and buttery finish.  After you try our honey, you'll be coming back for more!

Please note - all pure honey crystallizes over time. If your honey is crystallized (granulated), it is still fine to eat and enjoy! You can place it in a warm water bath (not boiling) to re-liquefy the honey.

Learn more about incorporating honey into your recipes and daily life!