Know Your Honey

In beekeeping, a symbiotic relationship exists between local floral sources, landowners, the climate, and the communities we serve.

Our raw and unfiltered honey is the delicious result of the harmonious connection between these elements. We believe that when our beekeeping practices intertwine and align with nature, our business will stand as a sustainable legacy for generations to come.

Our Bees

Our 2,800+ hives collectively experience the diverse landscapes and climates of five states throughout the year.

We ship our bees between the Rocky Mountain and Arkansas River Valley regions of Colorado, the rolling hills of northern Nebraska, the clover fields of South Dakota, the lush pastures of southeastern Texas, and the almond orchards of California.
Maintaining healthy and productive bees is an ever-evolving science and artform that is truly a labor of love.

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Partner With Us

Are you a meadery, brewery, coffee shop, restaurant, or bakery looking to purchase bulk quantities of our delicious honey?

Or do you have a store that is eager to offer jars of locally-sourced honey? We would love to partner with you! Forging relationships with local partners and customers is an essential way we stay connected to our community.

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Hosting Bees

Are you a landowner in Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, or Texas?

Make a meaningful impact on the environment and enjoy the benefits of our bees without the stress of owning and maintaining your own hive.

Our Services

We offer a variety of beekeeping services and personalized honey packaging.

Our services include managed bee yard hosting, beekeeping consultations, and custom honey packaging for businesses, events or individuals. Whatever your needs are, please connect with us to discuss your ideas!

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The Lockharts

Faith and family are the heartbeat of Lockhart Honey Farms.

“We believe that the ultimate purpose of everything we do is to glorify God. From that intent flows our desire to operate a business with integrity, honesty, hard work, diligence, and respect. Going into each day with these values in mind keeps our compass pointed North so we can one day pass this business on to our children knowing its success was built on strong biblical values.”

-Leo and Laura Lockhart

Our Story

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Looking to purchase a jar of our honey from a local retailer to enhance your coffee, tea, baked goods, dessert, or charcuterie board?