Faith and family are the heartbeat of Lockhart Honey Farms.

Hello! We are Leo and Laura Lockhart, the husband-wife team that runs Lockhart Honey Farms. Just like a marriage, owning and operating a business together takes hard work, dedication, patience, and teamwork.  We have learned over the years how God has gifted each of us with unique talents and that it is essential to intertwine our skills in order to be successful.  

In 2021, we decided to expand our operation to include Nebraska and South Dakota.  We now ship our 2,800+ hives between five different states throughout the year - Colorado, Nebraska, South Dakota, Texas, and California.  While there is a lot of uncertainty in commercial beekeeping, we also have a front-row seat to the joys of prosperous expansion, delicious honey crops, and meeting new customers.  

Our dream is to build a beekeeping operation we can keep in the family and pass on to our children one day.  There is no greater accomplishment in life than looking back and seeing the fruits of hard work, dedication, faith, perseverance, teamwork, and love.

From Our Family To Yours,

Leo & Laura Lockhart


Leo grew up in Colorado and learned about beekeeping from his father.  After college, he decided to start his own operation in 2013.  He truly loves the challenge that beekeeping brings and would never trade it for a typical 9-5 job.


Laura, also a native Coloradan, went to business school followed by law school and always had a dream of utilizing those skills to run a business one day.  She never imagined it would be a beekeeping business, but she believes God joined her and Leo’s paths for a reason.

After getting married in 2016, Laura decided to join Leo in running the business with the goal of helping him expand the operation and sell honey to local restaurants and customers.  

Our Team

We are a team, and in every team, each person plays an important role in the overall success of the business.  Our dedicated manager and field crew work tirelessly day after day to ensure that we are taking care of the bees in the best and most efficient way possible.  

Each season of the beekeeping year brings with it new challenges, long hours, and an endless to-do list, so we are grateful to have such a hard-working crew to help us succeed!

beekeeper pulling frame out of beehive
colorful beehives stacked on top of each other with trees in background
beehive frame covered in swarming bees