Follow Their Journey

  • Jan - March

    Texas → California

    Our bees are shipped to California to pollinate almond orchards

  • March - May

    California → Texas 

    The "splitting season" - building up the the hives for the summer

  • May - September

    Texas → Colorado, South Dakota + Nebraska

    Extracting season - when we gather our honey

  • September - Jan

    Colorado, South Dakota, + Nebraska → Texas

    Winterizing the bees and routine hive checks

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Our bees only commercially pollinate almonds, but honey bees pollinate plants wherever they go.

This is a perfect example of the interconnected relationship that exists between the bees, the land, local floral sources, climate, and the community.

Want to learn more about pollination and honey bees?

Visit Our Resources Page

Host Our Beehives

Hosting a bee yard helps pollination in your area.

When landowners serve as host locations for our hives, they benefit from pollination as well. 

We have an application process for prospective landowners looking to get into bee hosting because we want our bees to thrive and be able to stay for more than just one season!

Do you live in Colorado, Nebraska, or South Dakota? If you are interested in becoming a host for our beehives, we would love to start a conversation to see if your property is a good fit. 

Apply Here

Becoming a Beekeeper

Brand new to beekeeping or need a consult for your hives?

Beekeeping is an exciting, intriguing, and ever-changing endeavor that we would love to help you pursue!  Whether you’re just starting out or have an established apiary, we want you to have the equipment and knowledge base to further your success.

Support the Bees

We would love for you to get involved.

Partner with the community that supports our beekeeping operation and bees in general.

Whether you want to plant more bee-friendly flowers in your garden, purchase local honey, or simply learn more about the beekeeping process, we can help you find the information you’re looking for.

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How do you ship the bees?

We gather the hives from their yards and put them in a holding yard. When the flatbed semi arrives, we load the pallets of hives onto the semi and cover them with nets before they head on their way!

What breed of honey bees do you have?

Our bees are Minnesota Hygienic.

What type of beehive do you use?

We use 10-frame Langstroth hives.

Where are your bees located in Colorado?

Our bee yards are located along Fountain Creek (south of Colorado Springs) and the Arkansas River Valley. Many of our hives are located near alfalfa fields. We put 32+ hives in each location, so it is best for our yards to be located in largely agricultural areas. The hives also need access to a good water source.

Where are your bees located in Nebraska and South Dakota?

The North-Central region of Nebraska (our base is in Newport, Nebraska) and the South-Central region of South Dakota.

Do you give tours of your bee yards or honey extracting process?

No, not at this time.

Do you sell bees year-round?

We only sell 5-frame nucs in Texas for Spring pickup (pickup is usually the first weekend of May). Check out our online store for all the details.