Bee hosting has never been sweeter.

Do you have acreage in Texas? If so, you may qualify for the Texas Agricultural Exemption. In Texas, a landowner may apply for an “Open Space” land valuation if he raises or keeps bees on his land. (Commonly referred to as a 1-D-1 Special Agricultural Valuation). Having this type of land valuation can help you save money on property taxes.

It is the landowner’s responsibility to file for the special land valuation with the county and provide appropriate documentation. We encourage you to read through the resources below and conduct your own research to verify whether or not your property would fulfill the requirements necessary to start a conversation about hosting our bees.


Acreage Requirement:

Time Requirement:

Hive Requirement:

How It Works

  • While we would love to work with as many landowners as possible, your land must meet the requirements listed above and you must be located within our service area (see the list of counties, below). We want this to be a mutually beneficial arrangement!

  • We will evaluate whether or not your property is a suitable fit for our bees. Please fill out the contact form to give us more information about your location. Our number one priority is to ensure that the land is a suitable and productive area for a bee yard.

  • Our beekeepers will do all of the hive maintenance throughout the year. We will provide you with written documentation outlining when the bees are placed on your land for use in the special land valuation determination with your county.

Important Note: It is the landowner’s responsibility to apply for and file all necessary documentation with the appropriate county.  We will supply written documentation of our beekeeping services on your land, but we cannot guarantee Ag Exemption status.


Which counties do you service?

Currently, we offer Ag Exemption services in the following counties -  Burleson, Milam, and Lee.

Do you charge a fee for Ag Exemption services?

Yes. Please contact us for more information.

How do I get started?

Please contact us to see if your property is a suitable fit for our Ag Exemption Services. Due to the high volume of requests, please be advised that we cannot assure placement of hives in each requested location.

Where can I find more information about the Ag Exemption?

Here is a great resource to help you get started: Click Here