About Us

When we first met in 2013, we had no idea that a beekeeper and a law student could have so many things in common. It doesn’t seem possible, right? We soon discovered, however, that we shared a love for the beautiful great outdoors of Colorado and a passion to discover all that nature has to offer. Leo taught me about different plants and flowers and what the best pollinators for the bees were. I saw how Leo’s face lit up with excitement when he talked about the bees and his pride in the delicious honey he produced. I knew right then that we needed to share Leo’s honey with others so they could experience the love and joy Leo puts in to each and every jar. a passion to discover all that nature has to offer Over the next two years, we realized that we had the most important thing in common…our love for one another. We settled down in Colorado Springs and got married in 2016. Leo had wanted to expand his business for a while, and we knew that the best way to follow that dream was to walk the path together. A few months later, the dream of Lockhart Honey Farms became a reality. So it seems that a beekeeper and an attorney share things in common after all. For us, we want to share with you our love for pure Colorado honey and the joy and love that comes with each sweet drop. Our Sweetest Wishes, Leo & Laura Lockhart  

Meet Team Lockhart


Leo Lockhart

Beekeeper Leo’s passion for beekeeping started at a young age as he learned the art of the profession from his father, James. Leo spent his summers and free time during High School and college working for his dad and learning the business of beekeeping. After graduating from college, Leo decided to pursue beekeeping full time and started his own company in 2013. Ever since then, he has been growing the business and discovering more efficient and effective ways to cultivate his hives.  

Laura Lockhart

Manager When Laura met Leo, she loved the way that he always had a faint scent of sweet honey following him. Leo taught her many tips and tricks about beekeeping, but when Laura ventured out to the bee yards with him several times, she saw firsthand the art and science that goes into it…and the hard work. Laura finds the ever-evolving process of beekeeping fascinating, but most of all loves how much joy Leo finds in his profession. And Leo loves that Laura enjoys the nerdy lawyer side of the beekeeping business and knows how to keep things running smoothly.