Pollination is essential to the production of many varieties of food and is one of the main jobs of our honey bees throughout the year. No matter the size of your farming operation, our bees can help improve the yield of your crops.
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What is pollination?

    • Plants need to be pollinated in order to reproduce
    • Pollination helps many plants produce a higher quality and quantity product
        • Honey bees pollinate fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts
    • Honey bees are excellent and effective natural pollinators
    • Many farmers hire bees to pollinate their plants all over the United States!

What do our bees pollinate?

    • Almonds

        • In early February, our hives travel to California to pollinate almond trees. It’s a long journey for the hives, but honey bees are vital to ensuring a bountiful almond harvest each year.
    • Canola

        • Around the beginning of July, our hives travel to the San Luis Valley in Colorado. A much shorter trip for the hives! While in the San Luis Valley, the bees pollinate hundreds of acres of canola. The canola crop produces seeds that are then planted to eventually develop canola oil and canola meal.
We love knowing that our bees are helping farmers in such a critical aspect of their work! Want our bees to pollinate your crops? Are you a farmer interested in learning more about our pollination services? Please CONTACT US at and we will set up a consultation to discuss your ideas and our fees.


We love our honey, and we want to spread the love! You have the opportunity to carry our honey in your store, use our honey in your recipes, and much more. As wholesale partners, we promise that your customers will love our pure Colorado honey!
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Not sure if you are the right fit for becoming a wholesale partner with us? Check out the list below to see the types of businesses that would benefit from using or selling our delicious honey:
    • Retail Stores & Gift Shops
        • Located in Colorado? Us too! We LOVE supporting fellow Colorado businesses!
        • Located outside of Colorado? Great! We would love to share our Colorado honey with you!
    • Bakeries
        • Enhance the flavor of your tasty creations with pure, unfiltered honey!
    • Coffee shops
        • Instead of sugar, offer honey to sweeten up a cup of coffee!
    • Pizzerias
        • Honey + pizza crust = pure love
    • Smoothie/Juice Shops
        • Honey is the perfect addition to any smoothie
    • Wineries & Breweries
        • Many wine and beer-making operations use honey to create their masterpieces
    • Chocolatiers
        • We love chocolate. And we love honey. It’s a perfect fit.
    • Health & Beauty Product Manufacturers
        • Honey is used in many types of facial treatments – try it in yours today!
        • We also have raw beeswax available for purchase to use in your products
We are proud to supply the following local establishments with our bulk honey: CONTACT US to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Small Hive (“Nuc”) Sales

Beekeeping is fun, challenging, and an incredible learning experience…so what are you waiting for? When you purchase a small hive, or “nuc,” from us, you get to join the wonderful world of beekeeping and experience first-hand this amazing connection to nature.
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If you have been wanting to try your hand at beekeeping, but find the idea of it a bit overwhelming or you don’t know where to start, you have come to the right place! What’s included in our Nuc Sales:
    • Initial Consultation and Discussion
        • Purchasing a Nuc is a big, yet exciting, commitment!
        • We will set up a consultation and discussion to make sure that purchasing a Nuc is right for you
    • Quality Product
        • We offer high quality, meticulously cared-for Nucs with proven honey-making genetics
    • Competitive Pricing
        • The price of our Nucs varies throughout the year depending on the season and our availability
    • Purchase of a Nuc – welcome to the community of beekeepers!
        • Your Nuc includes two frames of brood, one frame of pollen, one frame of honey, and a feeder
    • Starter tips and tricks to make your beekeeping experience successful
    • Continued Support
        • As needed throughout your endeavor, you can contact us for help, ideas, and insight!
We LOVE people getting involved in beekeeping so they can gain a better understanding of the process, the intricacies of the profession, and how critical it is to our world! CONTACT US to discuss availability and pricing.

Bee “Hosting”

Bee “hosting” is a mutually beneficial relationship for both the landowner and the beekeeper. The landowner’s plants are pollinated by our bees and at the same time, our bees get a new environment to thrive in.
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What is Bee “Hosting?”

One of the most unique aspects of beekeeping is the community involvement. The best way to ensure the health of our hives is to make sure that their “yards,” or small clusters of hives, are not too close to each other geographically. That’s where the community comes in.

Here’s how it works:

    • Farmers, ranchers, and landowners generously “host” our hives for long periods of time
    • As “hosts,” the landowners allow us to place our hives in clusters on their land
    • We maintain our hives on the landowner’s property by working on them and checking in on them regularly
    • In return, we pay the landowners with our delicious honey!
    • Lockhart Honey Farms retains ownership of the hives, but the landowners receive the benefits of pollination!

Interested in hosting our bees?

This is what we look for in successful “hosts” for our hives:
    • You own the land where you’d like to host our bees
    • You have at least 10 acres of land
    • There is a reliable water source on your land
    • You are passionate about joining the community effort of maintaining strong and healthy hives!
If you meet the above criteria, please CONTACT US for more information!

Special Events

Ready to wow the crowd? A beekeeping presentation and honey tasting is a unique and fun way to impress your guests and get people talking!
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Looking for a Unique Special Event?

Hosting an event for you and your friends is a wonderful way to learn more about the intricacies of beekeeping. Whether you are interested in learning more about the business of beekeeping, the day-to-day operations of a beekeeper and his hives, the pollination of various plants, the extraction of honey, the different types of honey, or anything else you’re curious about, we would love to help you learn more! Here are some ideas for your next special event:
    • Date Night
    • Office Party
    • School Presentation
    • Family Night
    • Birthday Parties
    • Fundraisers
    • Corporate Events
Please know that we are based primarily out of Colorado Springs, but we are happy to travel to the surrounding metropolitan areas (Denver, Pueblo, etc.). If your location is farther away, please contact us to discuss our travel availability! Please CONTACT US for availability and scheduling!