What is pollination?

  • Plants need to be pollinated in order to reproduce
  • Pollination helps many plants produce a higher quality and quantity product
  • Honey bees pollinate fruit, vegetables, legumes, and nuts
  • Honey bees are excellent and effective natural pollinators
  • Many farmers hire bees to pollinate their plants all over the United States!

What do our bees pollinate?

  • Almonds
    • In early February, our hives travel to California to pollinate almond trees. It’s a long journey for the hives, but honey bees are vital to ensuring a bountiful almond harvest each year.
  • Canola
    • Around the beginning of July, our hives travel to the San Luis Valley in Colorado. A much shorter trip for the hives! While in the San Luis Valley, the bees pollinate hundreds of acres of canola. The canola crop produces seeds that are then planted to eventually develop canola oil and canola meal.

We love knowing that our bees are helping farmers in such a critical aspect of their work! 

Want our bees to pollinate your crops? Are you a farmer interested in learning more about our pollination services? Please CONTACT US at and we will set up a consultation to discuss your ideas and our fees.